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BDO pedalboard - see this.
All of our pedalboards are manufactured from hardwood, shipped fully painted, finished to the color You specified.
Our pedalboards can be purchased in several variations:
- 30 note MIDI pedalboard
- 32 note MIDI pedalboard
- organ bench
- MIDI Merge option(forwarding other MIDI device's signal)

3-manual organ console

Full 3-manual console with Fatar TP-61 keyboards, USB & MIDI outputs, 32 note pedalboard, 2 channel swell pedal, pistons, bench.

Organ electronics

Design, repair and installation of electric or electronic key & stop actions. Rebuilding or replacing broken, unreliable organ electronic systems.

Positive organ with 3 stops

Only for extra customer order.

Bourdon 8'
Wooden flute 4'
Octave 2'

This small positive organ is equipped with a full bass. Every pipe is mounted vertically, easily accessible for tuning. Can be easily transported by a caravan-type car (Opel-Vauxhall Astra, Ford Focus tested). The blower motor is mounted in a separate box. Bass towers can be easily detached for transportation. The instrument can be transposed a semitone up & down.
Ideal for education, for choirs and chamber orchestras. Also suitable for chapels and small village churches, community rooms.

Other organs

For an extra order, We can produce other kind of small & positive organs.

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